10/7/19 – Eckert 2006 – Discussion Questions

Benjamin Shavitz

1) What happens when individual people are members of many different communities of practice that sometimes have conflicting values?

2) What are the effects on society of people forming their identities by differentiating themselves from others? Is humanity doomed to be divided into contesting factions forever in the name of individuality? If so, what should we prefer? Peace or sense of self?

3) How do the communities of practice from a person’s youth influence that person’s participation in the communities of practice of their later life?

1 thought on “10/7/19 – Eckert 2006 – Discussion Questions

  1. Cecelia Cutler (She/her)

    Can you give examples of conflicting communities of practice that one person might be part of?

    Is differentiation just moving away from one group or does it also entail adequation or movement towards a new group (as per Bucholtz & Hall)?

    When do people start participating in CoPs? How enduring are they in people’s lives? When might they shape language practices the most?

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