10/7/19 – Bourdieu 1986 – Discussion Questions

(1) If Bourdieu was known for being paranoid about being misunderstood, why write in such an inaccessible style?

(2) How are Bourdieu’s understandings of cultural, social, economic, and symbolic capitals useful as lenses for sociolinguistics research?

(3) Does Bourdieu’s “social gain of education as measured by its effects on national productivity” allude to common student and Situationist sentiments of Mai 68? If you’ve watched the show Succession, do Bourdieu’s means of capital conversion and power speak to the characters’ roles throughout?!

Under the paving stones, the beach
“particularly at the time of succession, a critical moment for all power — every reproduction strategy is at the same time a legitimation strategy aimed at consecrating both an exclusive appropriation and its reproduction” (Bourdieu, The Forms of Capital, 1986)

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