NOV 11th Discussion Questions – Alina Picayo

In the German fanzines article, we see a German orthographic appropriation of English loan words which reflect German pronunciations such as “Blählist” (for playlist) and “Pönks” (Punks). There are countries such as Iceland, where rather than adopted any loan words, neologisms based on words that already exist are made to keep their language theirs and as unaffected by the outside world as possible. How do you feel about loan words being introduced into your own languages and/ or how do your countries deal with these types of issues?

What are some other deviations from the standardized orthography in subcultures outside of music scenes that you have seen in your own country and what can it be attributed to (socially, artistically or politically speaking?

There is a strong correlation between the non-standard spellings found in subculture literature and the phonology it aims to represent versus some standard pronunciation in some cases which connects the spoken word with the written word. What are your thoughts on why this occurs?